Top 5 Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Solar Power Company!

Top 5 Questions Homeowners Should Ask a Solar Power Company!


Choosing a solar installer can be a stressful task! We are back again with more expert tips to choose the best solar installer for your home! So, what exactly should you ask your solar company? Let’s see…

1. Can I know more about you?

The first and foremost thing you should do is enquire about the solar company! If you are talking to a team member, then ask them for a brief history of the company, their experience and services. Don’t forget to ask to ask them, where their main office and branches are located. And then finally, visit one of the closest offices, so that you get an idea of how they work. Do not forget to collect as much information, in the form of newsletters, brochures or even their website link, so you can do some homework on them.

2. What are your reviews like?

Once you feel like you have chosen the right solar installer, research their reviews on google and other social media platforms. This will let you know what their customer feels about their services and where all they extend their services. Be prepared for bad reviews, every company has its own ups and downs. However, customer testimonials are essential to get a feel of the services.

3. Is the solar equipment of good quality?

Now, coming to more technical things, EQUIPMENT! Solar equipment, including solar panels, batteries, inverters are all extremely expensive, so you must ensure you are buying the high-quality ones that have a long life. Most solar panel equipment now come with at least 10-15 years of warranty. Make sure you get the paper work done for this. Recheck the warranty policies and be sure to clear all your doubts before signing the contract. Make sure to take advice about equipment, only after the solar installer has visited your residence or business place.

4. What are the costs?

Sure, solar panel systems are going to be expensive, nevertheless it’s a lifelong investment. Ask for a detailed summary of all the financial expenditure in the installation of solar panels, just to be aware of the hidden charges! Most importantly, ask them if they will pay a visit to your residence or business place, before confirming the type, size and cost of the solar panels.

5. What benefits do you offer, if I choose your business?

And the last but most expected question is, “What benefits do I get?”. They may provide maintenance service for a specified period for free or for a discounted price. So be sure to ask! Also, do ask them if they are ready to pay regular visits, to check on the system or in the case of some sort of power shutdown.

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