Installation of Residential Solar Panels in Perth

Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned and operated company that conducts installation, repair & maintenance, and upgrade of solar panels at residential properties in Perth. We have at our disposal a team of highly trained, qualified, and extremely experienced domestic solar panel installers and technicians who have all the knowledge of the world and the very latest state of the art tools and technology to come up with a seamless installation of home solar power systems in Perth.

Ever since we started our endeavour, the mission and vision of our odyssey have been to come up with not only more than 100% satisfactory service that is tailored to meet your customised energy needs, but serves you professionally and transparently, so that you know exactly what is being done to set up domestic and residential solar energy panels in Perth at your residence, and why! In short, we keep you at the very centre of whatever you do. Indeed, our service always revolves around your needs.

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Residential Solar Panels Perth

Why Us?

With Clean Energy Council accreditation to our credit, Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd is home to some of the most qualified and experienced solar power installers with a 5-star reputation for their profound knowledge and exceptionally perfect skillset. They are not professional, polite, and flexible enough when dealing with our clients during domestic solar panel installation in Perth.

At Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd, we believe that choices always rely on good information. Thus, while serving you, we would consider the precise amount of solar energy that you would need, and thus, come up with home solar panel system installation in Perth that will give you your desired Return on Investment.

Besides, we would also ensure that our technicians and the solar installers, the panel suppliers, and the network of contractors always comply with the Australian standard of quality and the Renewable Energy Regulations while carrying out residential solar power panel system installation in Perth.

What Do Our Services Include?

When you hire us, we would help you out in practically every state of the layout and authorisation process, followed by the assembly of your solar system at a considerably reasonable cost.

Our experts and residential electricians in Perth would evaluate everything that is necessary for determining the best solar power solution. Our home solar energy system installation in Perth would also include:

  • Checking the use of your electricity
  • Checking the type of roof your home has
  • Checking if there are any shading issues
  • Validating the orientation of the roof of your home
  • Considering the angle of the roof
  • Determining the number of solar panels and the location of their installation
  • Selection the location for installation of the Solar Inverter
  • Evaluating the cabling
  • Evaluation of any future requirements in consultation with you

Domestic Solar Power System Perth

When You Hire Us, You Enjoy a Holistic Service

Thus you see, when you hire us, it’s not just solar panel installation that you enjoy and it starts right from the moment you CONTACT US to buy residential solar panels for your home in Perth. So you put money is us, and you get much more than you have probably expected. What is deterring? Calls us now and help us to help you in a way that you have never imagined.