Top 10 Solar Energy Myths Debunked!

Top 10 Solar Energy Myths Debunked!

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Here are the top 10 solar energy myths debunked!

       1.  Solar power only works during the day

Well, this is not a myth, to be honest. Solar panels can only absorb sunlight during the day to generate electricity. But that does not mean that they won’t be able to provide you with electrical power during the night. So, the energy is produced in the daylight, which is then stored to be used after sundown.

      2.  Solar power does not work on a cloudy day

It is well known that on a cloudy day, we do not get high sunlight but it does not block the entire sun either. Even with the clouds, the solar system will continue to produce solar energy, but at a lower energy generation rate. This means that you will still get 10 to 25 percent of regular energy production on a cloudy day.

      3. Solar Energy is too expensive

As we have explored in our previous topics, solar panels are expensive but it brings a long-term benefit of cutting down big bills once it is installed. It is a great return on investment with great and consistent performance. So, solar energy can’t be too expensive. Did you know? It is much cheaper to produce electricity from solar than coal!

      4.   Solar panels damage your roof

Installing a rooftop solar panel system can be an intricate process bearing in mind the quality and strength of the roof. A very crucial process is checking and inspecting the roof strength before the solar panels are installed. A variety of solar panels are available in the market to match the type of roof you own. And if the roof cannot hold any of those, a standing or erected solar panel system is always an option.

        5.   Solar panels need a lot of maintenance

Once the solar panels are installed on your property, it needs very little maintenance. You would just need to remove dust or debris occasionally and clean the panels with water, because that debris may be affecting the amount of sunlight on the panels, which in turn affects your energy production. They can withstand hard climates. Read more about solar panel maintenance inour blog post “The Need for Timely Maintenance and Cleaning of Solar Panels

         6.       Solar systems have power during grid outages

Solar systems have power during grid outages only if they own a storage system. By default, the solar panel system will shut down when an outage occurs. This is mainly for safety purposes.

         7.   Solar panels can’t be recycled

First of all, there is very little solar waste created as solar panels have a long life and vast durability. Most solar panels are made of silicon crystalline photovoltaic cells within a polymer material covered by tempered glass and an aluminium frame. There aren’t any toxic chemicals in them. More and more solar waste recycling units are popping up throughout the world so surely there is a way to recycle them.

       8.  Reselling homes is difficult when you have installed solar systems

This is a 100 percent myth. Quite the opposite. When you add a solar system to your property, you are increasing the property valve. This can be a great investment in many different views.  These properties will also sell faster, as the buyers also think of them as a great future investment.

      9.   Excess energy can be stored using batteries

Technically you can’t monitor this. Your system produces the energy during the day and is stored on the battery. And at night, you use up the energy stored, and the cycle repeats. Ad if you produce more energy than you need it goes back to the power grid, but you will have a low electricity bill if you are connected to the grid.

      10.  It won’t last long!

An average solar panel system can work with full power for 25 years. All it needs is a little maintenance and care.

Have you heard of any other solar energy myths? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll present the facts for you!

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