Things to Consider Before Installing a Solar Photovoltaic System

Things to Consider Before Installing a Solar Photovoltaic System

Why should you install solar panels?

Solar panels contain photovoltaic cells that trap or absorb sunlight energy and convert it into solar energy which in turn can be used as electricity to run electrical technologies in households or any commercial buildings. By installing solar panels at homes, they can generate electricity to run electrical systems including electric appliances, lighting, and water heating systems. Solar panels are a cost-effective, clean, and renewable source of energy. Installation of solar panels means, you as an individual, are helping to make this planet a more sustainable place to live. Thus, installing solar panels gives us numerous advantages and benefits.

What are your energy needs?

Different homes or commercial complexes have different energy consumption needs. So, it is crucial to find out how much electrical energy is needed per day. Usually an average household in Australia uses 15-20-Kilowatt hour per day. Hence, you’ll need to install residential or domestic solar systems such that it fits your needs. If you are thinking of commercial or business solar power systems, then you probably will need more energy and that means installing a greater number of solar panels or solar panels with the capacity to produce more electrical energy. You will be advised to get batteries so that you can store the energy produced as most of our electrical energy usage happens after sundown. Although if you use the energy directly from the solar panels, that is during the daytime when the electrical energy is produced using sunlight, then you will not need a battery to store the energy for the night.

The other thing to be aware of, is the on grid, off grid and hybrid consumption methods. In an on-grid system solar farms are connected to your local electricity grid and as consumers you do not realize what the source of your electricity is. In off-grid system, your house / factory has deployed solar panels within your compound to generate electricity for your own use. In a hybrid system, you have solar panels that generate electricity and give it to your local grid but you consume electricity from the grid as normal and you only pay for difference in the usage using a net-meter.

Which type of solar panels should you install?

The type of solar panels to be installed will be guided by the professionals as their opinion is valuable. They will visit the place- whether residential, commercial or business places to see the location and to find out what type of solar systems (rooftop or free-standing solar panel systems) are the right ones for you and where exactly to fix them. We at Tanway Engineering provide high qualityequipment from premium brands like Risen, Jinko, Leapton, Jonki,JA,Qcell, Seraphim panels and Fronius, SMA, Goodwe, sungrow, HUAWEI inverters. It is essential you choose from quality brands as they ensure the output.

Who should you hire and how to do it?

Installations of equipment can be difficult without the right guidance. You should choose an experienced and trained professional who can help understand all the procedures throughout the installation. Choosing products from premium brands mentioned above also ensures that no damages occur in the long run and provides a warranty to the installed equipment.

Tanway Engineering, a clean energy accredited installer operating in Perth/Brisbane provides sufficient guidance about rooftop solar panel system installation and maintenance services. We visit your place to get an understanding of the surroundings and will guide you to understand the process. We choose the best equipment and provide maintenance services from time to time. Tanway Engineering offers photovoltaic solar systems with an output of 6.6-Kilowatt hour energy per day. Call us now to know more!

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