Customised Installation of Solar Panels in Brisbane by Authorised Professionals

If you are toying with the idea of having solar panels installed at your property, you must vouch for the best in the business. We pride to state that with years of experience and a team of some of the most qualified, skilled, and experienced technicians and electricians, we at Tanway Engineering Pty Ltd are the best in the business. Indeed, we are over the years gained the stature of one of the best in solar power system installation in Brisbane at commercial and domestic properties.

Why Us?

Over the years, solar has been traditionally accessible to people from the higher income group of only the top commercial houses, thanks to the exorbitantly high price of installation that has all these years been negating the immense cost saving that is associated with solar energy. To counter this, we have come up with installation packages at highly reasonable costs. And our service goes well beyond high quality installation. We also have in the offing, an impregnable repair & maintenance, and a prompt upgrading service.

All these collectively make us one stop solution to the solar power needs of our clients. Indeed, all these have collectively made us one of the most reliable names that deal with Solar Panel Systems in Brisbane! And to add to that, we are always transparent while dealing with our clients and it is our transparency that has been one of the chief cornerstones of our success as solar panel suppliers in Brisbane.

The Highlights of Our Service

To warranty a positive customer experience, here are some highlights of our installation, service, and maintenance of solar energy systems in Brisbane.


We always use Tier 1 Solar panels for the systems we install at the behest of our customers, along with high-quality inverters that come up with the latest state of the art battery technology to live up to our obligation of maintaining the impeccable quality of the service that we offer.

Our Professionals Are Certified

Every professional we have in our team is certified. Indeed, our quality standards and a stringent hiring process ensure that our installers and technicians are amongst the best in the industry.

We Guarantee the Best Price

Even though we come up with the best components for the systems that we install, we ensure that they come at an affordable rate so much so that you can buy the best quality solar panels in Brisbane without having to pay an exorbitant amount.

We Offer a Prompt All-encompassing Service

Be it installation, repair, and maintenance or upgrade of solar energy panels in Brisbane our service is always prompt, which ensures we are always available at the hour of your need.

Get in touch with us for details!

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