New Solar Power Technologies & Innovations to Watch Out for!

New Solar Power Technologies & Innovations to Watch Out for!

The future of renewable energy is solar power. More sooner than later solar power will be the highest used energy resource in the world and will be embraced by all developed and developing Nations. According to sources, solar energy could increase by 6500 percent in the next 30 years.
Solar energy production methods are always evolving, as we find new ways to maximize the efficiency of existing solar panels, experts are also on the lookout for new solar technologies to incorporate into our lives. Here are the top 5 solar technologies you should watch out for!

Floatovoltaics – floating Solar Farms

Floatovoltaics, also known as floating solar farms are photovoltaic solar power systems created for floating on reservoirs dams, and other water bodies that will manifest solar power to cater to the modern power requirements of society. These photovoltaic panels are made from silicon and silicon is getting cheaper and more available in the market. This is going to be one of the most desired and reliable sources of energy. solar forms can generate huge amounts of electricity without encroaching upon the land resources that are available and can be done with very low real estate costs. These panels also come with the advantage of conserving water bodies by reducing evaporation also helping us to keep our water sources stable and usable.

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

Building-integrated photovoltaics is almost self-explanatory considering its name. This type of solar power system is integrated into the architecture in the form of roofs, canopies, curtains, walls, facades, and skylight systems. This form of a solar panel is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solar panels that are just used to harvest energy. BIPV can add a decorative element to your housing or industrial buildings while also reducing the consumption of non-renewable energy sources. Another advantage to this type of power system is that it will reduce your normal building raw materials cutting the cost almost in half.

Solar Fabric

This is one of the most innovative, accessible, and mobile ways of generating your energy from solar power. I’m sure the term solar fabric has had you guessing. This is a fabric developed into clothing that can harvest solar energy while you wear them and are on the move. This innovative technology can easily change the way how we see power requirements during travel. Researchers are developing solar fabrics by integrating solar power into each fiber of the clothing. Using this technique solar filaments will be embedded into your t-shirt, jeans, winter coats, and all the clothing of your choice making yourself a walking Power Bank.

Photovoltaic solar noise barriers 

Noise barriers have been constructed to efficiently block out the noise from disturbing the civilization around. The United States department of energy is evolving by using solar power generating panels to replace these noise barriers which provide a return of investment by being able to generate power that is required to run everything traffic-related and beyond. Right now, these noise barriers are producing enough electricity to power over 37000 homes as an average estimate. The future of sustainable power has never looked this bright.

Solar Skins

The best way to describe solar skins is by saying these are custom design solar film panels that are intended to display a certain image like an advertising banner that also filters the sunlight and produces solar power simultaneously. The concept may be a bit tough to wrap your heads around but this might be the single most used solar product in the coming years. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is working on increasing the efficiency of these solar film skins by working on the light filtration and energy harvesting features.

The century-old question that has puzzled humanity regarding renewable and sustainable power sources for mankind to share is very likely to be solved in the coming years. As solar power becomes cheaper it will be adopted by more and more governments across the world. The private sector will start to catch up to the trend by becoming its provider of power. People who are interested to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to modern technology are already investing in it.

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