Is the Future Bright for Australia with Solar Energy?

Is the Future Bright for Australia with Solar Energy?

The future is bright not just for Australia but also for the entire world with solar energy. Solar energy contributed to 7% of electricity generation and 21% of the total electricity generation was from renewable sources (solar, wind, and hydro) in the year 2019 in the commonwealth of Australia. Australia aims to increase its production of energy from renewable resources by 40% by the year 2030. The government of Australia finds this an effective medium to tackle the environmental and climate crisis.

Australia is the sixth-largest country on the planet populated with over twenty-five million people. Generating power for so many households and commercial complexes can be an expensive and energy-consuming process. Australia uses a total of 230 billion Kilowatt-hours of electrical energy that is 9044-kilowatt hours per capita per year. A solid 73 percent of the electrical energy produced is from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels (Coal, Natural gas, and Petroleum). The nation observed that the greenhouse gas emissions were a big 530.8 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent for the year 2019, adding on to which Australia witnessed a reduction in the numbers in the following year of 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Thus, solar energy benefits the entire world. It is renewable energy with no harmful emissions and has low operating and maintenance costs.

As we are at the peak of the climate crisis, it will positively be a moral start for Australia to transition into solar energy especially because of its numerous advantages. Cutting down on our greenhouse gas emissions is every individuals’ responsibility and the best option for the production of clean and cost-effective energy is using solar panels. Australia has an average of 2200 – 3200 hours of bright sunshine, which makes it a perfect place to use excess and free sunlight for the production of electrical energy. Thus, Australia has a very bright future with solar energy production in the coming years.

Tanway Engineering contributes to this platform by creating sustainable and renewable energy through the usage of solar panels. By now, you are probably wondering what solar panels can do to save the planet, here is how. Solar panels are photovoltaic systems that trap or absorb sunlight energy and convert it into solar energy which in turn can be used as electricity to run electrical technologies and households. Installations of solar panels at homes can supply energy to all your household electrical systems including electric appliances, lighting, and water heating systems. Solar panels are a cost-effective, clean, and renewable source of energy. Installing rooftop solar panel systems can be effective towards reducing greenhouse gases and hence an effective method to tackle climate change, which is increasing at a drastic rate.

Having known the benefits of solar panels, are you wondering how you can avail this facility?

Tanway Engineering is an electrical contracting company that assists people with residential, home, domestic and commercial/business solar panel installation. We provide rooftop solar panel system installation and maintenance services in Brisbane/Perth (one of the sunniest cities in Australia).

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