How Reliable are Solar Panels?

How Reliable are Solar Panels?

With the on-going climate change, rocketing fuel prices, and depleting fossil fuels, more and more of the world is switching to green technology, to be eco-friendly. Thus, the solar panel industry is attracting a lot more customers and positive responses now than ever. So solar panels are highly reliable. Here are five best reasons why!

1.  Long Lifespan

As we have seen on our previous blog posts, solar panels prove to have a long-life span. once you install the solar panel system, it will last up to twenty-five years producing consistent electric power given the right environmental factors. The installation of solar panels can cut back on all your electricity bills for the said time period. Additionally, they can be great backup to when there are power cuts (that is if you are still, connected to the power grid).

2. Warranty

In additional to solar panels being a life long investment, solar panel installers give you a warranty for all the equipment that comes with the installation. The photovoltaic panels, batteries and inverters all come with different warranty periods, so if there is any fault (which is very unusual), your installers will be able to replace the equipment free of charge!

3. Little Maintenance

Compared to other forms of energy production methods, solar panel systems need little or no maintenance. Once they are installed, they can do their own work, while you get regular power to run your electrical appliances throughout the day. You might need to do a checkup, to see that they are in perfect condition, once a year or so, but other than that, they will do all the work for you!

4. Efficiency

The working of a solar panel system, is very efficient. They do not need any external input once the set up in finished. They use sunlight to convert it into electric power, hence it is an automatic process. It is a bug plus if you live in really dry climate or weather, increasing your energy production.

5. Trustworthy Professional Installers

The last and the most important factor is to choose the right solar installers. You must choose an experienced team of working professionals to take care of your needs. If they are a clean energy council accredited installer, like us, its better. These approved installers will make sure they choose the right kind of equipment – perfect kind and size of panels, inverters, batteries etc. – and give you successful advice on the installation of solar panel systems suitable to your location (whether it is residential or commercial environment).

Apart from these reasons, solar panels are renewable sources of energy, thus protecting the environment. By switching to solar energy, you will reduce your carbon footprint and emissions. You will play no part in depleting the fossil fuels. The enhanced technology gives you more benefits than you can count thus greater reliability.

Tanway Engineering, a clean energy council accredited installer, operating in Perth/Brisbane provides guidance about rooftop solar panel system for Commercial/Residential/Business places. We visit your place to get an understanding of your surroundings and guide you in selecting the best fit equipment. Tanway Engineering provides photovoltaic solar systems with varying energy outputs that are suitable for your residence or home or business. Contact us now to know more!

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