4 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer!

4 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer!

If you have landed on this page, it means you have decided to go green! Great, so here is our expert tips for choosing the best solar installer for your home! Choose right!

1.      Solar Installers should be Accredited!

It is essential to choose the best professional installer to solve all your solar related problems. Selecting an accredited installer definitely benefits you in several ways. The expert will be able to make you understand the needs, the problems and the solutions to them. Make sure you choose clean energy council accredited installers so they guarantee safety, performance and reliability to the equipment they install. They can provide you with enough information and clear all your doubts, queries and so on. So, make sure the solar installers are accredited!

2.   Choose Locally Owned & Operated Installers!

Usually we choose brands or services because they are internationally available. However, in the case of solar panel systems, you should choose locally owned and operated installers. You may ask, “why?”. Well, for one, local people are more likely to know your surroundings, they can work well within that range with expert knowledge. They know what the weather is like, and how electric grids work and will most definitely guide you on the regulations related to installing a new solar panel system at your home. Additionally, if you do need somebody to checkup on the system from time to time, a local installer will more likely visit you sooner. Finally, when you choose regionally owned installers, you are helping the local economy.

3.   Check Company Review! Good or Bad?

Most of the times, company reviews can be found on google review section. Take your time to read through them and make sure the company is trustworthy. Customer reviews and testimonials cannot be trusted at all times; however, this can give you a little background on the company’s work process and their quality output. So, beware of both good and bad reviews! Make sure you talk about this with your installers’ team, before you agree to a final quote.

4.   Do they provide warranty for parts?

Last but not the least, you should be aware of the warranty of the equipment installed at your home. All types of solar panel systems (both commercial and residential) certainly have years of warranty. Talk to your installer and choose the equipment that has sufficient warranty periods. Make sure to ask them regarding the extra services they offer (for example: maintenance) after installing the system.

Easy enough right? Have you decided your best fit solar panel installer?

Tanway Engineering, a clean energy council accredited installer, operating in Perth/Brisbane provides guidance about rooftop solar panel system for Commercial/Residential/Business places. Our expert team will visit your place to get an understanding of your surroundings and guide you in selecting the best fit equipment. Tanway Engineering provides photovoltaic solar systems (with over 10 years warranty) with varying energy outputs that are suitable for your residence or home or business.

Install your dream solar panels withexperienced and licensed professionals from Tanway Engineering. Call us now to know more!

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