10 Interesting Solar Energy Facts You Didn’t Know!

10 Interesting Solar Energy Facts You Didn’t Know!

Here are 10 interesting solar energy facts you didn’t know. Read on to find out.

1.   Solar energy is the most super-abundant energy source on earth

If we could capture all the sunlight that hits the Earth’s surface for about an hour, we could power the entire planet for 365 days! That’s right, we could perhaps produce ten thousand times the current energy used by humans. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of solar energy we could use to generate electricity.

2.   Solar energy is the cheapest energy resource in the world!

Solar energy is a fast-growing industry because of its numerous benefits to its owners. It is the cheapest energy source among other non-renewable and renewable energy resources. The last decade has seen an 80 percent drop in solar panel manufacturing and installation costs.

3. Solar increases your property value

The installation of solar panel systems on your property is an asset in today’s world. It definitely makes the property selling process easier and quicker. Adding solar energy into your homes also raises your property value, which means you can sell your property for a much higher market price.

4. Solar panel systems can produce energy without direct sunlight

People believe that solar only works when direct sunlight falls on the solar panels. Well, no. Even if it’s a cloudy day, solar panels can continue to produce electricity with the reflected hues from the sky.

5. Solar panels help combat climate change

Producing solar energy releases only very little greenhouse emissions compared to fossil fuels. There is no pollution with the usage of solar panel systems. This means that you can reduce your carbon footprint immensely by using clean energy – solar panels.

6. The solar panel cell was first found in the year 1941

Commercial Solar panels or photovoltaic cells were first invented back in 1957 by Dr. Mohamed Atalla of the Bell Labs. But the history of photovoltaic materials (materials that creates an electrical charge when exposed to light) goes even another century back to 1839. A lot of advances in the fields of material science & electrical engineering have improved the efficiency and capabilities of solar panels, where it’s viable for individual houses to make use of them.

7. Solar radiation is the highest in Australia

Australia is a vast nation with its never-ending country sides that face the sun throughout the year. We have the advantage of the size and location on us, thus making Australia the best place to have solar panels installed, both for households that want to reduce their energy footprint and also for electrical utility companies to set up large-scale green energy generation.

8. Rooftop solar panel systems are increasing rapidly in Australia

Over the last decade, we as a nation have adopted solar panel systems like none other. According to the data provided by Clean Energy Regulator, 2.68 million households have installed solar systems as of 2020, ranging from small to large systems. This means one in four homes have a rooftop solar system. This adoption is primarily driven by higher electricity costs in the recent decade, solar panels & allied technologies have gotten cheaper every other year and more people are wanting to have a sustainable source of energy.

9. Solar panels can run electric vehicles

You may have spotted a few electric cars just today, EV is the fastest adopted technology ever since Mr. Gerold Ford started making cars commercially. But did you know that there’s a growing number of research projects on how to adapt solar panel technology within the car to extend its travel range? Combining battery technology and solar technology could be the next big revolution in human mobility.

10. Solar energy can also be used to heat water, thus saving heating costs

So far, we saw how solar energy could be turned into electricity, but can solar help you heat water? With a relatively cheap solar water heater that traps the sun’s heat to heat up the water, you can start saving on your heating needs during the summer, thus saving you cost & electricity in the process.

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